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Updated on Mar 23, 2017

my 4 year old daughter has changed after my second daughter born... she weeps very often on small things..... gets irritated very soon..... is getting lethargic..... dull.... eats less.... loved her sister very much... by behaves strange ....she used to be very bright... by now getting timid nd full.... suggest me something

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| Mar 24, 2017

hi Geetanjali! it's not unusual for a child to behave so. the thoughts probably going on in her mind are ,i'm no longer loved and needed in this house. my place has been taken away by my sibling. my sibling has become more important and special to my parents. Geetanjali u need to prove her wrong by showering your love on her in this difficult phase of her life when she feels everything has changed including her parents love for her. let her know every now and then that she is still a very special person in your life. ur life is incomplete without her. make sure u spend quite a good time teaching her, dressing her up, feeding her. hug her often and make her feel special. let her feel nothing has changed. take help of her father to take care of lil one. talk to her once she is back from school, ask her how her day was, feed her with your own hands. spend quality time with her on weekends . Geetanjali she loves u so very much, and so do u. it's just that she needs overt expression of love for that reassurance. hope this helps!

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