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change of moods in children

3 to 7 years

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Updated on May 04, 2016

hi how do I tackle the aggressive behaviour of my child which was not so common to her when she was small

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| May 05, 2016

Hi Rinku! The aggressive mood in your child could be her way of expressing her anger and frustration. This change could be due to many reasons:birth of a sibling,not getting enough attention from parents , feeling of not being loved, she is imitating someone who expresses similarly. Rinku please try and find out the underlying reasons for this change in behavior. Once she is back from school ,you could spend half an hour to one hour with her. Talk to her about what happened at school,play with her, have food with her , kiss her, hug her at least once in day. sometimes we feel as the child grows his/her demand for love decreases. Contrary to this she would need more overt expression of love to rest ensured she is loved and needed. I would suggest to plan your day in such a manner so that your chores are finished before she is back home and your Lil one is sleeping during that time so that u could attend elder one and give her undivided attention. Make sure when u get angry , u handle the situation wisely and without letting your frustration passed on to your kids. By doing this we are teaching our kids positive ways of anger management. Work on the bond between siblings. Let her help u in taking care of Lil one. Also Rinku do take out time for yourself and take enough rest and for one hour or so , do what u feel like which should de-stress u. I am sure she will come around and be chirpy,sweet and adorable as she was earlier. Hope this helps!

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