Changes in my elder son

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Jul 17, 2019

I had my second child of seven month and I am trying my best to give time to elder one but sometimes. es he do mischievous things and I hit him that I don't want ... Like he snatch and pull his brother hands legs . I make him understand not to do such things but not ready to listen please help o. This if somebody facing same problem with two kids

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| Jul 17, 2019

hi divya ! he feels ignored ,left out and suddenly out of place.. try and understand him. help the siblings connect with each other. create opportunities wherein elder one takes care of his younger one. like helpjng u in getting him ready, passing his stuff, taking care of him in front of u, playing with him . don't leave them alone together as he is too small to take care of his younger sibling all by himself. praise him by calling him caring and a good brother when he takes care of lil one. let him explore his things , clothes etc. all this will help them connect with each other.

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