changing sleeping patterns.

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Created by Amit Prabhu
Updated on Nov 07, 2016

My son sleeps very late and gets up very late (almost dwan to afternoon) pattern. How to change it to normal sleep pattern? Age 2 & 1/2 years

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| Nov 07, 2016

does he take nap in evening? if yes ,don let him take a nap one or two days.. den naturally he Wil start feeling dizzy early by 8 or so.. Giv him quick dinner by 8 or 8:30.. since he has skipped nap he mite want to sleep one hour after dinner.. jus a day or two do dis.. but let his ambience be in sleep mode as canisha said as he mite not find u both on bed n get disturbed.. u too try sleeping at least one n half to two hours after he sleeps.. he mite get use to d pattern.. jus few days avoid nap but since he s too small don b too strict :) gradually try doin it.. Wil take few days.. n wen his pattern improves let him always take afternoon nap.. at least before 5.. or it Wil again affect night pattern..

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| Nov 07, 2016

Hi Amit, what is the time you and your wife go to sleep. If you want your son to sleep on time, you should start sleeping on time too. Dim the lights, create an ambience where your son feels that now it is time to sleep. If possible give him a gentle massage before he goes of to sleep.

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