Chest block

1 to 3 years

Created by Vandana
Updated on Nov 21, 2016

Gud evening..... My child suffering from chest block...... Mean some kind of sound coming with his chest from last 2 days... Today I went to hospital they gave so many medicine for him..... I'm not favor in so many medicine... But I follow. . My query is this I having very mild asthma..... And I want to know that it's a genetic.... Or WHT....

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| Nov 26, 2016

hi vandana hwz ur baby now

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| Nov 23, 2016

hi vandana sorry for late rply hwz ur son now hope his cough n cold s reduced. .. actually u can follow one home remedies for ur son .. first check if he s allergic to some thing or food items n if u r non vegetarian then hv a keen look over it as some fishes may cause asthama s n allergies . coming to diet gv everything to him no issues only the stuff which cause problem avoid for few day n introduced slowly n small quality so tht his body may accept it well if u can find MUSUMUSUKAI herbs from ayurveda shop (AGANAKI in hindi ) then get it weekly once mix the herb n honey n gv him at night just to small beeds size ball .. it ll keep him away from chest congestion n his immunity ll increase .. this herb s gd without fear u can gv their won't be any negative reaction ...

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| Nov 22, 2016

hello.... looks like it is allergic due to developing immunity which may have a genetic disposition fron maternal or paternal side. however, there may be trigger factor in form of climate ,food, etc. and winters aggravate while home remedies soothe, try alternate medicines like homeopathy to boost immunity worry not with age it will cure. best wishes for recovery

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| Nov 21, 2016

docs would hv gvn nebulisation to ur son if hee s hvng sever cold n chest congestion tht sound u said would come frm his chest ...n docs says tht its wheezing ... gv him steam for 4, 5 tym in a day by adding lots of tulsi leaves beetle leaf ie paan 1 camphor n boiling water n u sit with him n cover with blank n let him breath well least for 15 min remove his clothes n make him sit

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| Nov 21, 2016

sometime asthma s genetic but it recovers as tym passes but follow proper prescription its very imp.. alway try to keep him warm ... doc said he s hvng asthma or wheezing probs wht they said if its wheezing itll b cured soon. . n if it asthma probs then tk gd care I ll let u know proper diet frm my mom tomm for this as she only gv me most of tips for my daughter .. its very painful when v gv lotsvof medicine to our kids even I am against it I try mostly home remedies first

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