Chewing Cloths

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Created by Mazda Bhatia
Updated on Oct 13, 2015

My daughter is 2. 7 years old, from last 1-2 months she chew any clothes which she found, whether its her towel, handkerchief, My dupatta, any kind of cloth she started chew, what was the reason behind this, can anyone suggest me how to overcome this problem, as it is very in hygienic for her and I am also not always around her to keep an eye on her activities.

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| Oct 13, 2015

Hi Shikha Batra! Thanks for your reply, yes she is started going to creche from last 5-6 months but she dont this kind of activity there, only when she is in home she start chewing cloths.

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| Oct 13, 2015

Hi Mazda Bhatia! Has there been a recent change in the life of Tanisha? Say has she joined play school or day care or u have joined back work. Kids when chew something they don't realize they r doing it. They might stop for few moments when reminded but might again continue to do so. If she goes to play school u might enquire the same from her teacher if she chews her clothes in school also. It is advisable not to scold the child for doing so,rather hug her or comfort her as stress could be one of the reasons for doing so. Try and help her adjust in school by sharing with teacher, how she could comfort her in school say by taking her in her lap or praising her. Also keep a watch when this behavior is repeated often and what reduces it. U could make her wear some chewable rings or necklaces which are safe and can wash theSe frequently to rule out fear of any infection. I am sure with yr love and attention she should overcome it. Hope this works !

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