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Chewing gums for kids

1 to 3 years

Created by Avi
Updated on Aug 23, 2013

My son is 3 years old and is fond of chewing gums and ice creme rather can say obsessed for such things. if we dont give him a chewing gum before going to school,he starts showing his tantrums for not going to school happily. i decided to be firm not to give him chewing gums one day and he kept crying for continuous 4 hours and also started showing his aggressive behaviour. i calmly tried to handle him by distracting him with stories and toys but nothing worked. at last he got tired and went off to sleep but when he woke up he again started up with his demand of chewing gum. we also keep telling him about chewing gums harmful effects,even tried scaring him of getting worms in his stomach but no use. i dont know how to get rid of this addiction of chewing gum. pls help me with your suggestions. and by being firm on our stand and letting the child cry for hours is the correct solution for other stubborn behaviour as well?

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| Sep 03, 2013

Thanks Guys ... good info for me too... i need to stop my son from chewing gum , he is 6 yrs now.

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| Aug 25, 2013

Thanx shikha and neha! Shikha i showed him the images of mouth ulcers available on internet and it actually showed up the results. He has stopped demanding it again and again and himself said can i have one gum on fridays after my school.. After this he has also started behaving like a mature person and have started obeying the targets we set for him. Thanx alot for ur suggestion

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| Aug 25, 2013

I aggre to what shikha says. U could tel him tat his super hero once ate chewing gum n hw he fell sick n all his teeth came off. Also make sure u brush his teeth twice a day. I suggest u be firm on sayin no by explaining things to him. If he dosent go to school without chewing gum then let him bunk school for a few dys bt u be firm. U convey dis to his teacher as well as why he will not be comming to school. After 4 dys start asking him "is he missing his frens frm school" or remind him of all d fun he has in school n with his teachers n tel him tey r mising him so much n asking abt him. Maybe he will not ask for d gum n start going to school again. Dont Wory as time goes kids also develop new likes n dislikes. Even my son is 2. 9 n is quite a task at hand.

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| Aug 23, 2013

Hi Avi! Ur concerns r valid. This is a habit which should b done away with immediately looking at its ill effects on health in the long run which includes mouth cancer, diabetes etc. it is advisable please look for role models and try to warn them about the side effects if this habit is continued and serious dangers it poses for a child. secondly not just chewing gum but excessive use of candies, chocolates, icecreams etc should also be discouraged so none of these would serve as a better alternative. it is suggested please make stories in which child had to go through lot of pain because of eating chewing gums. U cud show images of children on internet who had to suffer because of its prolonged use. Please advise each n every member to repeat the same message that chewing gums are bad for health. On not demanding it for few hours u cud reward ur child as promised. U cud do puppet play in which u cud use a bear or any animal or superhero he likes who had the habit of chewing gums had to go thru lot of pains, just show spoilt pic of their mouth with black unaligned teeth. or u cud tell the cousin to pretend and share with him what he had to go through when as a child he used frequently chew gums. All these efforts done with just one message done simultaneously would make him realise it is actually bad n discourage him from using it. n even if u have to b firm and take a stand for ur child's good its ok but try n explAin this in a manner he understands as I mentioned puppet show, role play, taking help of a cousin etc.

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