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Updated on Jul 07, 2017

my child anshula is very angry behavior she always in angry small small topic she angry how I do

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| Jul 07, 2017

hi Priya ! please try and understand what's in your behavior that she doesn't like and it acts as a trigger for her . this generation is very sensitive and emotional. even small small things can put them off. is it your nagging to do certain things and not do others , or she doesn't like being remote controlled ? or it could be something that u r unable to do for her ( for instance not being able to fulfill her demands)? it would be lil too much to expect her to change. so better would be we parents modify our behavior .u could try and bring small changes in yourself so that that this beautiful mother- daughter bonding gets stronger. try and understand her better. praise her when she does something good,hug her often, spend time with her. hope this helps!!

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