child behavior

3 to 7 years

Created by Prasanna Singh
Updated on Jul 01, 2016

hi I'm not able to control angry on my son's behavior I know its not right but what shud I do I'm really worried he is not listening to me at all .

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| Jul 01, 2016

its very normal.. for an intelligent child not to listen to others... u must remember that they grow their knowledge thru different noise and things around them.... its a patience seeking period where u need to allow them grow and at the same time keep him and yourself safe.. happy parenting.

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| Jul 01, 2016

Exactlywhat am goin thru. He ia good at everything but his behavior is so anger quenching. It takes me on my nerves. I sometimes feel its bad to shout at 3. 5 yr old but then cant tk the risk of just letting him move fwd with certain adamant stubborn attitude. hope kids will outgrow.

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