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Updated on Jul 08, 2016

My son is very admant he is not listening us. He is not study well. I Don no u he is behaving like that my worried about him He is not eating . Please tell me how to change his behavior or mine also.

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| Jul 08, 2016

Hi Sonal, here's a blog that may help you-

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| Jul 09, 2016

Hi Sonal! How r u! Most 3/4 years behave like this. They get to understand that they can have a choice of their own. If it's not fulfilled or their demands are not met , they become stubborn and use tears or screaming or lying on the floor or howling as methods to manipulate their parents. If u feel the demands are unjustified and can harm the child , please ignore his tantrums and let him know he can come and talk to u when he calms down. when he comes to u, explain politely why u refused him. In case his demands are not too much wayward like he wants to do more of cartoon viewing or more of play or sleep little more, tell him u can do so for 15 more minutes. But if he doesn't listen , give a reminder followed by a Consequence on further misbehavior. Try and have a more or less fixed routine for your child wherein u give time to him for playway teaching, rest, activity both indoors and outdoors , recreation etc. Avoid saying 'No' to all his demands. Frame your sentence in such a manner that it gives a positive sense. Last but not least Praise him, motivate him and hug him. Hope this helps!

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