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Created by Nishat Farooqui
Updated on Jul 16, 2016

among my three kids the child aged 10 years get angry very very fast and screams a lot. I have never seen any interest in him towards studies or any type of games. just like watching TV and playing on mobile studies stu

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| Jul 18, 2016

Hi All, I think Shikha has just hit a nail with her answer. Sometimes with two or more children we tend to compare each other in terms of everything including studies, games, behaviour. We do this thinking that we are helping our child however, we don't realise that we are alienating the child by doing so. So the thought process of a child is this: Whatever I do, I will be criticised so why should I even bother to do it. Even the appreciation (if at all given) given to the child is in comparison to the sibling for eg You have done a good job but your brother has done it better. So check on those points and you will see that your son will soon be an obedient child you want him to be

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| Jul 17, 2016

hi Nishat Farooqi! how r u! please try and find out Wat irritates him. is it your giving attention to other kids, or comparison with them, or scolding him that puts him off, or not being able to spend time with him that irritates him?? once u r aware of the reason ,work on it . I know Nishat u r doing a great job taking care of three kids , and it's not easy. it's advisable to spend some exclusive moments with him.. hug your kids often, kiss them, talk to them about how their day was, do activities with them like playing a game, teaching them, going to the park etc. the more u would try to understand your child and be soft on him , better able u will be to deal with him . also when he gets angry, make sure u maintain your cool and don't shout on him, As he might get rebellious and stop listening to u at all. Nishat Faroqui try nailing it with your love and motivation. hope this helps!

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| Jul 17, 2016

my own elder one also like yours. l'm also confused sometimes what should to do

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