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Updated on Aug 19, 2016

I have 34 months son, he is very stubborn how should deal him??

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| Aug 26, 2016

very well said.....

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| Aug 22, 2016

Hi, 3 yr is an age of stubbornness. its completely normal. New technique found very effective is that u should just not try to correct the child when she is being stubborn. let her calm down which is usually in mins, then sit in front of her face to face like kneel down and explain the right thing only when u are alone with her. Not in front of anyone. or take her away discreetly. Even these kids feel humiliation embarrassment. Let her make her own choices and then explain to her if she goes wrong the reason for not doing it again. I have tried these things and have been quite effective. This makes the child feel responsible and been taken seriously. Thanks

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| Aug 20, 2016

Hello Preeti. Smart Parenting techniques are a must for handling a stubborn. Instead of going head to head combat with them a little sneaky tricks will help. First of all, try to logically analyse the behavioral pattern. 1. When and what situation does triggers such behavior. 2. This age the child takes cues from the surrounding, do have a look out for the same. If you get a grip of the same it will help you tackle the situation better. Distraction or offering another option for the thing in demand could also help. Being stubborn is a phase which every toddlers goes thru. It really does test parents patience but be calm and you could channelize his stubbornness into being a strong will person. Happy Parenting

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