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Created by Manjot Kaur
Updated on Nov 18, 2016

my elder daughter is having a boyfriend and chat with him is it right

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| Nov 18, 2016

hi Manjot kaur! At 16 years of age attraction towards opposite sex is quite normal. I appreciate your concerns though now u need to wear the hat of a friend. even if u would stop her from talking to him , she would lie to u or hide things from u. U know 'we have been there and done that' so take it easy. the more u would judge her, criticize her or scold her the more she would distant herself from u. it's time that u have a talk with her on a regular basis keeping in mind her mood and appropriate timings. make sure u two are alone . it could be while driving or while u take her for a walk. share with her how every teenager and u too have been through this phase and understand how she feels. talk to her about she needs to maintain safe distance from him as hormones are raging. also this is a phase where she needs to focus on her career. talk to her about how she needs to be careful at this sensitive age . talking to her boyfriend should not be a problem as u completely understand that she likes talking to him but she needs to draw a line and decide when and for how long in a day. this will give her time to understand each other better and decide upon future course of action. also don't react when she shares with u something that has been going on. its better to be informed whats going on in your child's life so that u could guide her if need be rather than react right at the moment and loose her completely. so win her trust and let her know u r her friend and you are on her side no matter what. hope this helps!

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| Nov 18, 2016

Hi Manjot, there is no harm in talking to being friends or talking to a member of opposite sex. However, if you are concerned it would be better if you sit her down and share your concerns with her. By the way, you should be happy that your daughter has shared the info about her boyfriend with you.

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