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Created by Vaish Raju
Updated on May 07, 2017

hi mommies , my lo (1 yr 1m) is so adamant that he always wants to be outside not inside home. he just cries out of his lungs . I take him for walk in morning n evening. he is not playing with toys.

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| May 08, 2017

thanks Shikha and Puloma for your inputs will try to engage him.

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| May 07, 2017

hi Vaish Raju! since he has got habituated to outside environment and enjoys it more, it's quite obvious for him to show such resistance to go indoors. Vaish u need to make indoors equally interesting and provide him with an enriching environment which keeps him occupied as well help in fostering his overall development.. if he can walk u could play peekaboo​, or he needs to search his favorite toy which u hid in front of him or even dance with him or show him picture cards and he needs to identify simple things by picking it up. Vaish Raju u need to keep him occupied by spending some exclusive moments with him and giving him undivided attention .I am sure with such efforts he would find indoors equally irresistible. hope this will be of help to u.

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| May 07, 2017

Hi Vaish, childrens are fond of outings its natural. Tell him that tomorrow we will again go for a walk and have icecream or something that is his favourite. Show him some cartoons and ask him to come inside then you will play for him. Say that you have cooked his favourite dish and if he wont come inside you will finish all.

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