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child behaviour when any gust come

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Updated on Jan 14, 2016

my daughter is 2yr n5month old whenever any guest come at home either she starts cry or telling that take her outside from home. this condition we can't attend

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| Jan 14, 2016

Hi Ruchi Dubey! It is not unusual for children to behave so for many reasons shy nature, stranger anxiety, unwillingness to behave well which she is expected to do in front of guests etc. It is advisable to try following steps : 1 Talk about the person/guest who is going to visit beforehand only. Like about how old is she/he, how do u know them,what brings them here, how nice they are, about their family etc. This way child would not feel she is going to meet a stranger. 2. involve her in preparation of things for guest by assigning age appropriate task ex. Arranging things in house or laying the table etc. 3. Talk to her in day to day conversation how having guests at home helps in building relationships,u can have friends and play with them. 4. When guests come share positive things about your child,for ex how good she was in arranging things , displaying her work etc. Please dont force her to recite a poEm or sing a song or dance in front of guests. 5. If they have kids who come along with them, u can help your child mingle with them. 6. avoid forcing her to greet them or sit there if she is unwilling to do so or scolding her after they leave in case she didn't do the needful. 7. Take her out everyday for ex. to park so that she meets people around. 8. If she hasn't joined play school till now,please make her join. This will help her open up. Hope this helps!

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| Aug 02, 2017

thx shikha for ur suggestions

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