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Updated on Feb 15, 2020

My son is 11 years old.. But he do not mingle​ with with his age group.. He is comfortable with younger to him. He is not so confident with other people. He feeling shy to greet elders and answering questions. What to do and how to build his confidence..

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| Feb 15, 2020

Hi Tanya, look for his interest and try and work on his confidence through it. for instance if he is good at drawing or sports, or computers. praise him, ask him to help u or his siblings . get him further training or help in it so that his confidence builds further. . let him participate in school or society Competitions. this training will also give him an opportunity to mingle with agemates. u could say nice things to him like 'u r so special. to us', 'we r proud of u'. etc. listening to such things from people who matter the most to him would definitely make him feel good and also give a boost to his confidence. hope this helps!

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