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Created by Preeti Misra
Updated on Apr 13, 2016

My son is 2yr old and he is in a habit of beating himself frequently .whenever he sees his known persons he slaps himself on his head. whenever i forcefully make him drink medicine he shouts .i really dont understand y he does this bcz it hurts him more i worried plz suggest how to avoid him fr doing this .

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| Apr 14, 2016

Hi Preeti! How r u? is the child able to express himself in words? If no, how does he communicate with you? If yes, does he slap himself in frustration or he copies someone? When children are unable to put in words, and parents fail to understand what the child is saying, the child gets frustrated and starts shouring or hitting himself or throwing away things to show resentment. If that's the case please help him express through gestures and words. Read picture books with him . Teach him names of things he comes across in his day to day life. Talk a lot with him. Praise him when he makes an attempt to speak. Now coming to your second query - he shouts when u give him medicine. U could make it a game. Have a measuring cup for yourself too and put some resembling liquid in it and count till 3 and whosoever takes it first ,wins and gets to have half a spoon of sugar. It's not easy to have medicine for such a small child. U need to motivate him Preeti by rewarding at the end of completion of a task. Make sure no one in the family does any sort of behavior which u don't want him to imitate. Hope this helps!

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| Apr 14, 2016

Thanks tanisha .i do say no to him bt he starts crying badly

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| Apr 13, 2016

Hi Preeti you can only say No to him whenever he does that.

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