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Created by Mary
Updated on Oct 27, 2016

he is unattendive ,not stick to anything more than few seconds

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| Oct 28, 2016

hi Mary! I understand your worries! yes it's indeed frustrating to deal with complaints from school. we need to understand this is not something child is doing intentionally . His brain is wired so. so scolding the child could worsen the situation and make him become rebellious. Mary u need to understand your child. observe his activity pattern carefully. when is that he is most jittery and inattentive. the moment u feel he is about to go and kick or hit someone or do some mischief, divert his attention and allocate him some work. for instance you could say 'Ryan please go , fetch me a glass of water from the kitchen or keep this book in that room. 'once he is back praise him for his help. focus on his strengths. tap his energies by helping him do guided physical work like jump Up high 10 times or take a quick run from this room to the last room. u could also involve yourself to motivate him. tell him 5 things everyday "how much u love him, how special he is to u, how much u miss him when he is not there , praise him how good he was when he helped u, hug him as many times as possible,'. the more u would try and understand your child , the more improvement u would see in him. hope this helps!

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| Oct 27, 2016

Hi Canisha, He is 3 year 3 month s old ,play school going, got complaint from the teacher also-very difficult to manage him,didn't sit anywhere,disturbe and kicking other pupils like that. I am disappointed.

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| Oct 27, 2016

Hi Mary, exactly how old is your child?

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