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hello.... i have a 12 years old son in class 6.... he is very good in academics and also very sincere and obedient. he is enjoying his school and the teachers also have never complained about him. he is active in other activities also like karate,dance,music etc. but basically he performs well in academic activities. recently he has joined a vedic maths class and his teacher always have some or the other problem with him..... even though he is performing well over there.... his teacher says he has behavioural issues that has to be sorted out. Now constant complains is getting on my nerves. the teacher says that my son is everytime in a playful mood and does not act mature. what should i do. i m actually stressed out too much. i don't want to scold my son as i know he does his best.... as his results prove so..... and its going to be inhuman to mould him according to others wishes..... everything takes its own time....... but being a mother i m actually depressed...... what should i do

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