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Child Biting other kids in class

1 to 3 years

Created by Dhanya Menon
Updated on Aug 02, 2013

Hi,   My son is 2yr old and goes to a playgroup. He is not an aggressive kid. Likes to play with other kids of his age and has no issues in sharing his toys with others. The other day when he was in his play group one of the kid in the group bit him on his cheeks. Though it did not bleed but their were teeth marks on my sons face. And after the incident he developed fever also. WE took him to a Dr and had started medicine. The wound is healed now. But he has not started going to school. Will be sending him to school from 5th Aug. We have gone and spoken to the school authorities and they have assured us that this wont happen again. We have come to know from the authorities that this particular child is so naughty that someone always holds the child. The moment the child is left he goes and bites some, hits other kids etc. I am really scared to send him. He does not talk so i don't know how i should explain it to him to stay safe. What more steps should i take to ensure that my son is safe in the class.    

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| Aug 05, 2013

Thanks Ambika, Shikha and Manisha. We had been to our sons school on saturday and met the principal. She has assured us that this wont happen ever again. They have now asked one of the helpers to be with the child so that no harm is caused to other children. The school authorities have asked the parents of the child to go through counselling sessions. This was not the first incident. Previously also the child has harmed other children. Hence the school has given the parents a final warning. Anyway. My son was really scared of going to school. On saturday he has holiday but the school authorities come. So we took him with us and made him play in his classroom. Initially he cried a lot but in sometime he got comfortable. We are hoping he gets back to normal as before.

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| Aug 04, 2013

Dear friend Dhanya,This is a very common problem faced by parents. Best way is to talk to your child and assure him that the teacher and you as perents is there to help him out. keep safe distance from such cildren . make friends with a group he likes.

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| Aug 04, 2013

Dear DHanya! I can very well understand ur concerns regarding ur child's safety. The first and foremost step is to talk to the school authorities about this child and let them know this incident has not been well taken and will not be accepted in future which u have already done. Secondly it is advisable that u could personally go and talk to the class teacher too inquiring her about what steps she is taking to control this child and how is she making sure that other children are safe. Thirdly it is suggested that assure ur child that teachers are there to help him out in school and whenever needed he could take their help as he must have been scared with his incident. Fourthly if this child is so aggressive it is school's responsibilty to bring this matter to the notice of this child's parents and let them know that they could take help of a counselor to deal with such behavioral problems. As the q does not now simply pertain to them n their child but other children's safety too.

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| Aug 02, 2013

u can tell the teacher to make d child (who bit ur child)to sit near or wit her... so that teacher can stop him as soon as he moves around to harm other children....

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