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child does not eat vegetables at all

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Updated on Apr 04, 2020

my child who is 8 years old,does not eat vegetables at all. he would completely reject a dish even at the slightest visibility of a vegetable in it. Its difficult to make separate meals for him, throughout the day .how do I tackle this situation.

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| Apr 04, 2020

Hi Tanya ! Yes I do understand its difficult to make separate meals for the child. You could sit with him ,and discuss what is that he would like to eat and plan the menu. Begin with a vegetable that he is familiar with and does not find intimidating. discuss it's nutritional value, benefits of eating it and how he would like it to be incorporated in the dish. Involve him in preparing the dish in simpler tasks ,wherein u think he will be able to help u. Praise him at the dining table for the role he played and give the dish his name for instance 'virat's yummy shimla mirch'. I am sure he would enjoy this activity and take interest in eating vegetables too ,and moreso if he has a role to play in cooking it'. Go slow and be patient. adjust your expectations and do not force him to finish the food on the plate. Gradually he would come around.

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