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Updated on Apr 02, 2020

my son does not listen to me at all. he goes out everyday to meet his friends in the society on a regular basis. whenever confronted he says 'papa also go out everyday, you do not stop him'. Now his father needs to go out to buy essentials. how do I explain to him?

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| Apr 02, 2020

I do understand your concern Anamika ! Children follow their role model. So, u need to sit down and make a list with your husband of items which are required at home and only once in three -four days he could go out to collect them Such as milk and veggies. Rest of other items can be stocked up at home in one visit only. As far as possible avoid frequent visit to market, or to Crowded places. The child will definitely listen, if we adults set an example for them as it is important to practice what we preach. u could involve child in some age appropriate activities at home. The entire family could be together and participate in those . This would minimize boredom and curb his desire to go out and meet his friends.

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