Child glued to I pad. Please help!

7 to 11 years

Created by Nishtha Dutt
Updated on Aug 30, 2013

My child is 8 now. He has been an active child at studies as well as extra currics. Offlate, he doesn't take any interest in either. He's just glued on to the i-pad. It was good to introduce him to i pad in the beginning, but now looking back, i feel, it was a mistake. If i ask him to leave the i-pad, how do i help him to do constructive activities, for e. g. play in the outdoor. Can you share some tips, suggestions with me on making this possible?

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| Aug 30, 2013

Hi Nishtha! I can understand ur concerns regarding this issue. It is advisable to talk to ur child and set maximum time limit and hours during which he could use I-pad. U cud discuss the problems related to excessive use of these gadgets such as strain injuries to thumb, wrists, elbows, stiff necks, headaches, problems related to eyes. U could set routine for the child and encourage him to take up sports. U could make him join coaching for either of the sports such as swimming, cricket, badminton, football, tennis etc. depending on his interest. Good performance in these would boost his self confidence and thereby motivating him to perform better in academics too. U could take him to parks and help him have a circle of friends with common interest. U could plan picnics, outings during weekends which would make him take a break and avoid the urge to use these gadgets. U could go for morning walks with him on weekends or even weekdays if possible. Cycling is an activity which children enjoy espc when done in groups. It also keeps children healthy and active. As far as possible encouraging outdoor activities and if possible accompanying him for few days would prove to be useful for developing his interest in outdoor activities. hope this helps!

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| Aug 30, 2013

Dear Nishita, here is the link to a blog. You may find some solution there :) Here it goes

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