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Updated on Sep 22, 2018

My daughter falls very often while playing in the park. What should I keep in my bag to be applied immediately on her bruises?

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| Sep 22, 2018

hi Vidhi Duggal ! please wash the affected area with savlon or dettol, and then apply any antispectic cream . if it's bleeding try to stop it first and then immediately consult a medical practioner .here is a blog u would find useful ..हर-घर-में-होना-चाहिए-first-aid-kit-जानिये-इससे-जुडी-कुछ-महत्वपूर्ण-बातें/2791?ptref=sa0l000030g025j

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| Sep 23, 2018

You can carry a small bottle of dettol in your bag, any antiseptic ointment like neospirin or soframycin and some band -aids. You can also add a small pack of antiseptic wipes like that of dettol to wipe the wound first.

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| Sep 25, 2018

you need to clean the wound with dettol antiseptic and then apply an antiseptic cream. most of the time its better if wounds are left free to heal but sometimes when there is a fear of continuous scraping then in the day you can use a band aid. pls take care that the wound stops bleeding and the blood clots else it could be a serious issue and a dr visit may be required.

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| Nov 25, 2018

Keep some wipes to clean the wound and some antiseptic lotion or cream to apply on the wound immediatly. I generally keep j n j wipes and for antisepctic i use what my doctor prescribed.

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