Child is crying to go school

Swetha Charan Shroff

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Jul 31, 2015

Hi all I have a 5yr old daughter and 1 yr son. My prob is my daughter is crying to go to school .may be this sounds normal but to start with I used work in the same school now I took a break bcz of younger one. my daughter in the midnight she wakes up and starts crying and keep on saying mom don't leave me and I like u so much .she doesn't want any scolding frm teachers. she is a very intelligent girl and usually gets scoldings bcz she wants repetitions from teachers every time. now I can't say teachers not to scold and I can't convince my child .please help me what to do?

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Swetha Charan Shroff

| Aug 03, 2015

Thanks Carol and Shikha Batra will follow these suggestions and try out.

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Shikha Batra

| Aug 01, 2015

Thanks Carol! I appreciate that!

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| Jul 31, 2015

Swetha, Your child seems to be feeling insecured due to the arrival of a new member in the family. Please go thro the discussion http://www.parentune.com/parent-talk/eliminate-spitting/2031 where Shikha bhatra's given some great suggestions on how to build the bond between siblings and make her feel important.

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Parentune Support

| Jul 31, 2015

Hi Swetha Charan You may refer to an earlier parent talk on similar topic- http://www.parentune.com/parent-talk/child-crying-in-school/1974

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