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Created by Tahilyanisanjay
Updated on Aug 19, 2016

wat may be the reason why maturity of child is four weeks more in sonograpgy than the original .does it happens .or any serious problem. please advise on

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| Aug 21, 2016

elective c section is considered in some cases by doctor... and unless it's an emergency,doc will wait for baby to touch a certain gestational maturity .. usually 36-38 weeks.. by then if delivery is done by c sec,babys lungs would have enough strength so that he won't develop any breathing issues... so go with wot ur doc says...

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| Aug 21, 2016

thanks a lot.... such a relief.... so in this case as my actual weeks are 29and sonograpgy showing 33 .so mine dr sayg will go for c section earlier as in as soon as ninth month starts.... my wish is to complete half of ninth month.... wat shud be done. shud I take second opinionof diff dr.... weight of child is 2. 2+_10per. ...plz advise... thanks again

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| Aug 20, 2016

hi.. it's nothing serious.. actually it happens because of different counting methods for pregnancy age.. actually gynaec usually count the age of baby from LMP... whereas if counted by ovulation day,it will fall around two weeks plus some days before LMP.. so it's ur +2 weeks of gestational age than wot u calling 'actual'. n then in sonography,technician will count the age acc to LMP and babys growth as in length or weight.. give another picture.. n for error corrections,they give gestational age in another +or - two weeks.. another two weeks from actual!

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