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Updated on Jan 12, 2016

My son is 12 years old. He dont have a father. He is very efficient boy. But very lazy. Above all he is very shy in front of others. He speaks a lot at home or to his friends by he is totally different when he goes out or someone comes in our house. I am not sure how to tackle him. Pls help.

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| Feb 16, 2016

Hi Daisy, the best way is to sit with your son and talk to him in gentle tones. Chances are that he is missing the absence of his father in his life and hence gets tongue-tied when in front of guests and strangers. Also when you say lazy what do you mean? Doesn't he do his work on time? He doesn't help you with chores around home or he doesn't do his homework? What are the parametres you are labelling him lazy. Remember, that children pick up our tones and moods easily. So avoid using negative terms like lazy, fussy or shy in reference to your son in front of everyone and in person as well. You have a wonderful son and appreciate him whenever you can and you will start seeing the difference in his behaviour and attitude. Hope this helps.

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