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Created by Piyali Ganguli
Updated on Nov 01, 2017

Hello freinds I have a 5 year old boy. His school started at 7 .00 a. m in morning. My home is very far from his school so he had to get up at 5. 30 his car came at 6 .in morning he don't want to eat anything not even milk. He feel sleepy .He came back at 1. 35 p. m. After he returned he take bath eat food and sleep. So in most of evening he don't play as he sleep till 6 or 6. 30 p. m. At night I try him to go to bed at 10 p. m. But he wake till 11. 30 or 12 .as a result again in morning waking him up is a battle. Half of time he is with coughs and cold and absent from school. Please suggest some remedy to change his food habit and routine

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| Nov 04, 2017

my kid is most of the time with mobiles n TV is there any remedy 4 it wt r the defect of mobile

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| Nov 01, 2017

hi this is lakshmi... I also faced the same problem with my five yrs old kid... but now I am out of the problem. A simple tip m following.. if u let them to sleep in the afternoon more than one hour they could not sleep in the night early. So you can allow ur kid to sleep in the afternoon for one or two hours ...not more than that.. and let him play ...he will sleep early n wakeup early..

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| Nov 01, 2017

hi Piyali ganguli ! I do comprehend your concern. u could immediately serve him lunch and make him sleep by 2. 30-3 pm and wake him up by 5 pm. 6. 30 pm is quite late.. send him out by 5. 30 he should be back by 6. 30 pm and then serve him dinner by 7. 30 and he should sleep by 9. 30 -10 pm.. since u have limited hours at hand ,u need to make the best of those.. pack some soaked and peeled almonds which he can have on his way to school . some handy stuff such as a cut fruit which he can during transition from one period to another.. healthy nutritious lunch and before he goes out to play again give him healthy snack. dinner again can be made nutritious by stuffing healthy Ingrdients . hope this helps!!

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