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child stubbourness and misbehaviour

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Created by Pooja Soni
Updated on May 12, 2017

my 2. 6 yr. old son is very stubborn. he cries n behaves most of the time to get all his wishes fulfilled at any cost. being a mother i get frustrated n slap him at times. now i observed he has started hitting me and others too. is it because of me. plz suggest what should be done.

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| May 12, 2017

hi Pooja! u have yourself identified the solution for your problem. now that u have realized anger and aggression is making the matter worse , adopt a different strategy. as far as possible​ don't let your tempers rise and say absolute No to hitting. . tell yourself , no matter what u will not raise your hand on your child. learn anger management strategies. Pooja we women have many problems in our lives and unfortunately kids become the unintentional victim of circumstances and we vent out our frustration on them. identify the underlying cause of your anger and try and deal with those head on. unless u do that , your child will continue being a soft target and he will become rebellious as is already the situation now in this case. u r an amazing mother Pooja , it's just that your way of communicating things needs a change . hug him often, love him, praise him, spend time with him. most importantly as soon as possible get rid of his hitting habit or it could pose to be a bigger and a serious issue later on. hope this will help u.

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| May 12, 2017

Hi pooja, the child too often follows their elders. Be calm while dealing with your little ones. whenever you feel like losing temper say like " calm pooja control you can do it , baby is small he cannot understand but i am growm up , his mother i have to understand " keep repeating . Divert his mind either by starting a talk or tickling or do whatever you can do to divert his mind. Dont shout or talk loud before him as he will copy. Handle with very care.

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