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Child tantrum

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Created by Kavita Koshal Pandey
Updated on Sep 06, 2017

Hi all.... My daughter throws a good amount of tantrum everyday... In school also if she doesn't gets her favorite toy she will be lying on the floor until she gets it or someone comes and pick her up... Her teacher says we neglect these tantrum and after sometimes she stands up and come... But my question is if a child throws tantrum and u just neglect her and take rest of the other childern in class how far is ir correct? Will the child not feel neglected that there is no one for her help.. I really don't know how to deal with this.. At home we never pick her up if she shows unnecessary demands.. But at school if she s playing in the park and if playing time gets over and teacher take everyone inside the class leaving her behind thinking that she l come on her own how far is it correct

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| Sep 06, 2017

Thanks for replying shikha.. She is in pre nursery and strength of a class is 13.. but yes will surely c what results come out.. At home no attention is given wen she throws tantrum.. But in school my concern is only that if she shows tantrum i hope the security is also considered... Rest lets c what results come out...

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| Sep 06, 2017

hi Kavita Koshal Pandey ! consider this : in school a teachear has to take care of probably a group of 30 to 40 children.. and if in every few minutes a child would does that how difficult it would be for her to manage the whole class. also if a teacher would listen to her when she is throwing a tantrum , rest of the children would imitate her to get their demands fulfilled. it's advisable to teach ur child to accept No as an answer and look for other options . when she throws a tantrum, u r advisable to leave her alone , ensuring her safety. giving attention to her during that time would mean u r okay with what she is doing and she would continue to seek ur attention using negative methods.. when she is calm and ready to talk, discuss with her how she could behaved appropriately in that situation. reinforce good behavior by praising her when she behaves well. hope this helps!

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