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Created by Praveen Premkumar
Updated on Jul 19, 2012

Hey what do u think is the right age for getting a pet for a child... looking at getting a pup...

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| Aug 02, 2012

Word of caution: The pet belongs to the child, the taking care always falls on the parent! Actually, Bhavna, there is a point of age appropriateness when it comes to getting a pet. A 3- 5 yr old is just discovering the world, and often takes to pulling at the fur or ears of bigger pets out of natural curiosity. The suggested pet for this age is a guinea pig which is very non-aggressive and playful. A 5-10 year old will not have any attention span or responsibility so a fish aquarium is a great idea, where you can teach your child hygiene, and to take small responsibilities like cleaning out the tank or giving food. An older child is ready to take on more responsibility and is also developing an interest in animals, hence, a dog, rabbit or cat is a good pet after the age of 10.

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| Jul 26, 2012

It would also depend on the kind of place/house you are at. also more importantly, whether would you want your child to be taking care of the pup or would you yourself or your spouse do that, as pets need attention and care more than anything else.

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| Jul 26, 2012

How old your child has very little to play in getting a pet , its after all the responsibility of the parent at the end of the day , the child will be a child no ... are you ready to take on the task .....??? 6 yrs is a good age according to the experts for a child to understand the concept of responsibility and also by this time they are also following the non complex discipline in their life... I am sure you have made sure your child is not allergic to the dog hair / saliva.... and if all goes ok its your own call... Do let me know what you do ....

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