Children as role-models


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Aug 13, 2013

Today while having food with my four year old chap I got a compliment, "mom you alwaaaaays eat healthy food, it's good" then he continued "but you must eat some Oreo biscuits and some pizza too - I am telling you - you will love them. " I try to be a great role-model for my children and here I find my lil one striving for some interesting customization in his role-model. How about That :)

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| Aug 14, 2013

aww... big hug to the little man! they just know how to bring the smile on....

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| Aug 14, 2013

Amazing suggestions Shikha !!

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Shikha Batra

| Aug 14, 2013

Hi Gaurima! Getting a compliment from ur kids really means a lot! I really feel it is like a feather in our cap and look forward to it from my kids. well I believe there is no harm in having Oreo biscuits and pizza too. I allow my child to have junk food on weekends and try my level best to make up for the whole week by cooking whatever my child likes on these two days. I would like to tell u something about a family in close circle where mother was so particular that she would even not use ready made spices. When these kids became grown ups and started socializing and thereby eating out they could not do well with outside food and used to fall sick often as there digestive system was not used to it. Now when they are married they are still facing the same problem. So we shd allow our kids to be used to all kinds of food. In case we want it to be healthy too we could do our own innovations like adding grated veggies, to pizza, homemade paneer, tofu, etc. Oreo can be used to make donuts, cakes etc by crushing these in the batter. Hope it sounds interesting!

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