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Updated on Aug 19, 2017

hi son Harshvardhan is 11 years old and in class 6. some of his classmates use abusive words while talking. in normal conversation they use foul language which is quite normal for them. i m afraid that sooner or later might be my son also start using such bad words. how can I advice him or council him properly .

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| Aug 19, 2017

hi Madhu Dubey Pathak ! I do understand your apprehensions. yes he is at a very impressionable age where peer group could have more influence on his thinking. there are two ways to deal with this.. one u could talk to u child and let him speak to his friends and request them not to use such language. two : u could make him agree to change his friend's circle which would be little difficult for him .be his constant support and let him know u r there for him no matter what.. hope this helps!

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