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Created by Piyali Ganguli
Updated on Sep 13, 2017

Hello friends I have a 5 year old boy. He is hyperactive always jumping can't sit still in one place howso many times I have make him understand he don't listen. I am fed up he always do fight in class don't listen to teachers. though he is good in studies but I am very concerned every time he might not get hurt. recently he told a incident that he has a fight with a senior child of class 4. that senior child came to his classroom with his friends to warn my kids. Friends this children are all small I am very much tensed about their safety in playing they might don't hurt each other. how to change my child fighting nature. i have admitted him to table tennis class but it is not helping. he is only interested in fighting. he is a great fan of spiderman,superman and always follow them. I have taken all his superhero toys but nothing changing. please help

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| Sep 14, 2017

Hi Shipham, Thanks for your suggestion. I have done it in many ways he first realise his mistake say sorry and again and again keep on repeating it's becoming his habit.

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| Sep 14, 2017

hi Piyali ganguli ! .please consult a child psychologist to confirm that he is a hyperactive child. whenever he hits someone , u could take away a privilege. when he cools down , talk to him politely , explain how it would affect his image. talk about his strengths and motivate him through those. regarding senior children warning him , please bring the matter to the notice of school authorities. by doing so u can save ur child from any physical assault or untowars incidence. hope this helps|

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