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Updated on Jul 27, 2018

My kids were down with viral this week. I was completely exhausted due to waking up at night. The most difficult part of it was dealing with the crankiness of two sick kids! I am particularly keen in terms of maintaining hygiene during monsoons. Any special tips in this regard which would be helpful in preventing viral spread during monsoons?

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| Jul 27, 2018

hi Vidhi Duggal ! u might find this talk useful!please go through the link given below.

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| Aug 07, 2018

I generally make sure they wash their hands with a good handwash when they come home from outside.. give them lots of fluids.. make them bathe twice ..infact since I don't trust the water quality in monsoon I add a little Dettol to their bathing water.. make sure they wear dry and ironed clothes.. germs breed well in moisture so avoid the dampness around u by keeping the surroundings and self dry.

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