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Updated on Oct 06, 2015

My child is very shy... Doesn't interact with much people.. He don't want to face the situation, Just like his father... He will not play in groups rather prefer to watch t. v or play with hus cousins... He wont give the stage performance properly always want that he should not be Focused.. And Moreover he wont listen to me when i ask him to study or to finish his food... Nd if i shouts on him then he feels bad n say that u always shouts on me... I dont know how to handle him because of him i cannot give time to my younger son... Please help me to tackle him

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| Oct 07, 2015

Hi Pallavi Jindal! Shyness is a personality trait very common with kids of this age and even above. They might be very active and outspoken when it comes to expressing at home but in front of strangers or adults or even for stage performance they looSe confidence and might choose to be quiet and look down or hide behind the caregiver or run away from that situation. One thing which can effectively help them overcome this fear would be apprising them what might come next. For ex if you are going to a gettogether with friends, u could let him know beforehand who all he will meet there,their kids about their names etc. Also you could tell him they all are very nice people and would love to have him there and how much fun he will have there. Similarly,for a stage performance u could make him practice his lines on a raised platform with mike at home and praise him a lot. Please keep in mind, scolding or getting angry for not performing well can push him further in his shell. Praise him and motivate him and let him know that he has been doing really well. About second issue : he doesnt listen to yr instructions. Make sure your are talking to him and avoid shouting while telling him to study. Make his schedule and help him follow it . If he follows it praise him , reward him with smileys or stars,appreciate him in front of family. Avoid judging him and comparing him with cousins and age mates. Hope this helps!

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