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Updated on Nov 18, 2016

my son is 7yrs old he get angry very often he starts crying ,shouting,if someone tease him also he gets wild starts shouting,crying start hitting them,he's not interested in studying ,don't like to do homework,he's very weak too

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| Nov 19, 2016

hi Devi Bagrecha ! how r u doing! I understand your concerns . Does he ever complain to u about anything that he doesn't like at home or in school? please address to his concerns and bring a change if possible. make sure u give attention to both kids. avoid taking sides with either one. hug him often, find out what's troubling him. let him express in words whats bothering him. also make sure he is not being bullied because of his built or on some other pretext in school. let him know u r on his side no matter what. everyday make sure u let him know , u love him very much. he is very special to u, and u r proud of him. Devi it's your love and attention that could do wonders to him. mother's hug has the magic that melts even toughest of hearts and angry minds. just without saying anything hug him for 5 minutes. it would heal many wounds and do the repair. spend some exclusive time with him while your lil one is sleeping. take him in your lap and listen to him. try and listen to his unspoken words. hope this helps.

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| Nov 21, 2016

Hi Devi, Read this post that might help you on this -

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