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child's loneliness

3 to 7 years

Created by Kanika Kakkar
Updated on Sep 28, 2016

he plays with others in the evening. but as soon as he enters the room,starts crying. he is hungry but doesn't let me go to kitchen and cooking needs time you know. he is thirsty but also wants me to stay in the room.

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| Sep 29, 2016

hi kanika kakkar! I believe u to be in a nuclear family set up. since the child happens to see more of u, he has got used to seeing u. its advisable to make him join any hobby class of his interest where he learns to stay without u being around. u could also allocate him some work before leaving the room. say making a puzzle or doing an assignment or solving a quiz which should keep him occupied. this should help in building his confidence. praise him for managing so well without your presence in the room.. you could also bring him a pet dog which has many benefits. he will be compassionate towards animals , he will not feel lonely , he will keep occupied in taking care of his pet, he will become emotionally stronger, he will have company so he won't miss u much. hope this helps!

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| Sep 29, 2016

Hmmm! Kanika, take him along with you in the kitchen. You may place a small chair and table where he can sit, watch you, talk to you while you prepare his meal. Also as he grows old he will start understanding that mom need to go to the kitchen to prepare food but for now take him with you wherever you go.

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