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child's self dependence

3 to 7 years

Created by Ratna Poojara Majeethia
Updated on Jun 08, 2017

my child is 5 yrs old .but for every little thing he is depended on me and not even show any interest or enthusiasm to do his stuff by own. what should i do

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| Jun 09, 2017

in that case Ratna Poojaria majeethia u could do your own work and your hubby could do his own and leave his work as it is . for instance u both could put your plates in the basin, and leave his plate on the dining table itself till he picks it up. even if it that means letting it be there till next day. similarly with his clothes u could leave his clothes as it is on his bed, his shoes , his toys till he clears it up. if u would continue doing his work, he will keep on taking u for granted. if he doesn't brush on his own, say u can't hug him, as his mouth is smelling ,so he should first go and help himself. Ratna sometimes children don't express gratitude and care about things , until we cease to do their work. tkcare!

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| Jun 09, 2017

thank u shikha batra. but i hd tried but he is not willing to do any work by own. on the contrary if i force him to do so. he becomes stubborn nd aggressive and sometimes get irritataed in small things.

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| Jun 08, 2017

hi Ratna! I do understand your concerns. u need to motivate him to do his own things by praising him and motivating with smileys and rewards. when his father is back home praise your son, and give credit to him how he managed himself. please have a look at this blog. Hey! I find this Parenting blog really interesting. I suggest you have a look too:

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