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Created by Taruna Khanijow
Updated on Jul 15, 2015

Hello friends, my daughter is 2. 8 years old and admissions process will start by end of this year. We live in West delhi. From last 1 month, I am doing research on boards, type of school, criteria for nursery admission, top Delhi schools etc etc and I AM TOTALLY CONFUSED NOW. HAHAHAHA. It will sound weird to you. First question - please suggest me which board is good (read icsc - overall development and english, cbsc - education pressure, ib - not suitable for Indians competitive exams but might change in future). Senond question- There are few schools like nirmal bharti in Dwarka and sriram millienium in noida which has all together different concept. They don't pressurize the child. They don't give too much homework. They believe in conceptual based learning etc etc. What are prons and cons of this type of schools. Is child not competitive if he study in these type of schools? Please guide. Third question- please tell me good day boarding schools in Delhi. I am confused whether to send her in day boarding or just day school ? Read that day boarding school helps the child to complete her homework and they have good activities for the child. I think that it is good for her to stay at day boarding school because she will have other kids around. At home, she just plays with maid and ends up learning stupid things. Once I am come back from office, she is with me - reading, playing etc. All I think it's good if she spends most of her time in school and then day boarding. Waiting for your valuable suggestions. Thanks Taruna

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| Feb 13, 2019


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| Jul 15, 2015

Hey Taruna, tell me about it I am sailing in the same boat having sleepless nights over my daughters school and which board to choose, read this blog on choosing the right board, I got a lot of clarity on the same check it out

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| Jul 15, 2015

Taruna Khanijow, about the boards, you've got it bang on. ICSE is excellent for overall development.. building language skills also, but ICSE schools are few and far between. So, if you think, you might be shifting cities or something, go in for CBSE, as it is more widely available. IB make sense if you have long term clarity of sending children abroad. 2) About the progressive schools vs traditional, take a call based on your personal priorities. Do you want to put your child in a school that gives good results through ragdai or would you rather prefer something that opens the child to newer avenues. Ask yourself an important question. Do you want your child to be part of the current rat race (score 99% and yet not get through her college of desire) and do you think when she will be 20 years, this rat race will till survive? 3) As a working mother, day boardings make good sense as child is intellectually occupied, does academics, sports at school before she is back o you will not be running between hobby classes with her. Hope these things give you some sort of perspective. Happy searching!

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