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Class room behavior

Kalaiselvi Gururamachandran

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Nov 01, 2015

Hi, my son is studying ukg, his class mam gives a complaint that he doesn't sit in his place and listen to what ever she teaches,I need help to know how to make him sit in a place and listen to his teacher. He is academic wise a bright student. He doesn't sit in a place but grasp what all happening inside the class room. When questioned about the topic his mam taught he is the first one to respond.

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Kalaiselvi Gururamachandran

| Nov 16, 2015

Hi nandi , thank you, me & my husband accepts the fact as you said. But in each and every meeting she points the same issue. I have attended 4 meetings even from his prekg in getting the same complaint. This should not be marked negatively is my worry. Last year in lkg he got 2nd prize in 1competition, this year he didn't. when questioned my son says madam didn't teach me, his teacher says he didn't sit in his place to listen the other childrens who followed her has performed well. I hope you can understand my worry my son should not be neglected/avoided for the class room behavior.

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nandita singh

| Nov 16, 2015

Hi. Why r u worried?? He is a child and the key is for him to enjoy school. If he can grasp everything tht means the mind is at the right place but just tooo much energy tht he is running around. The teacher needs to give him more activities to keep him busy. Dont worry. He is a child. If he will not enjoy now when will he.

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