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Updated on Feb 21, 2013

How to easily clean tongue of three months old baby?

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| Aug 26, 2013

Hi my son is 3 yrs old.. his skin tone s becoming blak these days.. can you tell me some good soap or lotion please..

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| Jul 02, 2013

Devjani, i really don't know how safe that is and how that works... coz lemon is acidic and it could harm the baby..

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| Mar 01, 2013

I used to give few drops of lemon juice every alternative day to clean my daughter's tongue. It was quick and hassle free :)

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| Feb 22, 2013

hey Mercy, this is exactly how I did it..

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| Feb 21, 2013

Hi Mercy. Cleaning the tongue of a baby that little could be a challenge. The only way I suggest is taking a soft wet cloth, wrap it around your finger and gently rub your baby's tongue. Doing it just once or twice should be enough to get the tongue clean. Please take care not to rub too hard and if your baby seems uncomfortable, you may need to stop right away. Good luck :)

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