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Updated on Jul 18, 2019

Hello all, I am very curious about my child's tooth ..she is having 7 tooth but never allow me to brush properly and cries alot as a result her tooth became yellow in colour now.. can anyone suggest me how to clean the tooth of a baby of 14 month?

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| Jul 18, 2019

hi Sahin Akhtar ! get an attractive brush.. brush your teeth and make him stand alongside , he will imitate u and gradually do the same. play some rhymes in the background and make it a fun filled activity ,don't force him.

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| Jul 23, 2019

Hi, simplest thing you can do is wipe your baby's teeth with a soft cloth wrapped around your finger. It's alright if you can't wipe the back surface of the teeth as long as your baby drinks water. The front surface is more important. as per advise by my dentist since I ha the same problem.

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