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Updated on Jul 25, 2018

which are the go to brands for 2 yr plus kids for cleanliness and hygiene?

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| Oct 19, 2018

dettol dettol Ho!

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| Jul 28, 2018

I always trust Dettol when it comes to hygiene. The brand has been a part of childhood and I have inculcated the similar hygiene habits in my toddler as well.

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| Jul 27, 2018

2 plus years old children need more hygiene protection because they tend to touch everything and put in their mouth. Make them practise to wash hands with Dettol hand wash before their meals. You can even carry hand sanitizer when out. This will ensure hygiene on the go.

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| Jul 25, 2018

hi Shubnita Singh ! it depends from child to child. what might suit one might not suit other.. please try some trusted brands and if it suits yr child ,u could continue with it.. here is a blog u might find useful!

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