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clingy and wont play alone

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Feb 27, 2017

clings to me and wont play alone

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| Feb 27, 2017

hi Patricia kolaba! I understand your concerns! sometimes a child gets clingy to the primary caregiver as he/she might have seen them around mostly. begin by keeping her occupied with activities where she is supposed to solve interesting puzzles, make different structures using blocks or draw and color or u could even put on the music so that she could dance. meanwhile u could carry on with your chores and keep talking to her so that she feels your presence around. u could also invite her agemates at home or organize a playdate. she could also go for sleepover at her cousins place or they could come over. also make sure that u take the help of other family members in feeding her or getting her ready or combing her hair , teaching her. whatever they choose to do they should everyday so that she gets used to them. motivate her to go out and play with friends in the park while u could spend time with their mums. take her to kids birthday parties or get togethers so that she sees kids around and opens up. all her inhibitions would be gone if she is regularly given an opportunity to mingle with agemates and adults. hope this helps!

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