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Priya B S
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Updated on Oct 19, 2015

My daughter is almost 3 months old. After the first 6 weeks of diapers I am trying to slowly switch to cloth nappies. Earlier there were too many poops during the day so stuck to diapers. Nowadays my LO only poops once in a few days so it's easier to stick to cloth nappies. My question is if u are using cloth nappies what do you lay ur baby on. I am using quick dry sheets but I am worried it may be heaty.

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Bhavana Bhogavilli

| Oct 22, 2015

Hi please do not use plastic sheet... go for quick dry mats... absorbs water and I find it very cheap and reasonable in Snapdeal... plastic sheets may produce heat to the baby...

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| Oct 19, 2015

Hi Priya, I used to keep 3-4 old cotton bed sheets separately for this purpose. Make 4-6 folds of the bed sheets and keep changing the wet sides. Also i bought a mattress guard (you can also buy a full size plastic sheet to use under a bed sheet). Invest in some cotton sheets, these are really good.

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