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Created by Poonam Moolchandani
Updated on Oct 15, 2012

Hi All, I am 8 1/2 months pregnant & suffering from a very bad cold & dry cough , sleepless nights because of the same reason . Its happening to me for the second time , want a natural remedy . If any one can help me out ..   Thanks   Poonam

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| Jun 29, 2015

Dear Poonam, I was suffering from same during my 5th month. I tried "Sudarshan" by Zandu and it worked wonders! You get it in tablet or powder form to be taken along with water. Tablet - with water Powder - to be dissolved in hot water and boiled for a minute. Also you may use "Sensor oil" which is nothing but eucalyptus oil as a roll on over forehead and nose so you will get a good nights sleep. Take care

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| Oct 16, 2012

Dear Poonam , i will tell you what worked for me , before sleeping make a tea and water decoction add a bit of salt and do gargles with it then take half a tea spoon of ghee(slightly warm) and put just a slight pinch of salt and ingest it( let it be the last thing that you eat in the day ). The ghee will coat your throat from inside and that irritation that makes you cough again and again will not happen . Hope you have a restful night :-)

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| Oct 15, 2012

Hi I’ve personally got relief from dry cough when I tried these remedies. Please try the following remedies For Dry cough Warm milk with a teaspoon of turmeric, a pinch of pepper and honey may ease the dry cough and also give you a good sleep. Make an extract of Tulsi leaves and mix with honey and drink as a juice. Ginger tea also is effective to reduce the dry cough. Onion juice mixed with honey taken twice daily also helps to ward off cold as well as the cough. Warm Salt water gargles also have helped to soothe the throat. For Cold Steam inhalation for 10 minutes; thrice a day will provide a lot of relief from cold as well as moisten your throat. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids and warm water. Include as much as garlic in your diet and soups. Also ginger juice with honey does help. And get as much as rest as possible.

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| Oct 15, 2012

Honey and basil leaves are a very good remedy for the symptoms of the common cold. Basil leaves or tulsi is available almost everywhere and you can crush it and extract its juice, mix with a little honey and drink the mixture.

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