Cold and cough

Jhansi Rani

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Jan 25, 2016

My baby is 50 days old and she is suffering from severe cold from 2 daysgetting sounds gur gur gur. Using nasoclear drops frequently. Using coconut and camphor oil mixture to the lungs and chest. Even I also had cold today. Kindly please suggest any other remedies for my baby and also me. Can I use any medicine for me I have a doubt that if I use medicine breast milk may get reduced.

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Devika Pattnaik

| Jul 13, 2016

Hi, As if u have cold chances for ur baby to get cold is for sure. I would suggest try honey tulsi and ginger tale it small amount grind it ans extract the juice I have it everyday for few days empty stomach in the morning. or have honey 1 tbsp with 1 pinch of cinnamon powder empty stomach ..might help. try to rub lukewarm mustard oil on to ur babies feet and put on the socks everynight till the cold subsides. as she is a newborn be v careful wear a mask while breastfeeding coz if u sneeze or cough tht might affect the baby more. wash ur hands with handwash n warm water everytime u hold the baby and the same instruction goes for everybody in the family. prevention is better than cure. and for cough consult a gud doc.

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Payal Arora

| Jan 25, 2016

My son also had cough n cold wen he was 50days old. My doc prescribed me Maxtra drops 0. 5 ml for 5days nd Claribid syrup 1. 5ml for a week. It corrected his cough. Do consult yr doc before yu give yr child same.

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gayatri chadwa

| Jan 25, 2016

Consult a doctor before taking medicines for youself.

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