cold and cough

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Created by Anu
Updated on Dec 07, 2017

my daughter is 3 year and 5 months old having cough from 10 days.... last week she has fever and cough bt nw she has no fever from last 3 days bt have cough and cold..... what to do..... i consult a docter he gave antibiotic and a syrup for cough.... i am so worried as no progress is there in same.... is it normal to have cough above 10 days..... what to do.... plz help

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| Dec 13, 2017

thanku kalpana

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| Dec 08, 2017

Hi Anu , may be your baby is allergiec. I have also the same problem with my baby. he is 3. 5. you can give him lucky warm water with honey morning and night.

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| Dec 08, 2017

what to do for chest congestion

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| Dec 07, 2017

hi Anu ! please complete the course of antibiotics and try and give steam. if it still persists , please go in for second opinion .

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