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Created by Rekha
Updated on Apr 09, 2014

Hi, My son is in 6th month, he is having cold and very offen he is vomiting aftet feeding. Till now am giving only my feed as per doctor advise. In the vomiting I can able tp see the coldCan some one help me to give remedies for his cold.

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| Apr 11, 2014

Thank u very much for u support for this Ankita, Anurima and Nitin

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| Apr 10, 2014

Hi Rekha, Children tend to vomit after a meal because of the collected mucus in the nose because of which they can't breathe properly. Steaming is a very effective technique it loosening the mucus and gradually expelling it. Twice a day, before nap-time, should help. ALso, before feeding, use saline-based nasal drops to open the passage of the nose so that the child can breathe through nose and not the mouth when he is eating. Hope your baby gets better soon.

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| Apr 10, 2014

Hi Rekha. this blog may be of help.

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| Apr 09, 2014

Dear Rekha, it is painful to see little babies suffer especially with repeated cold and cough. After you feed him, try an keep him upright for sometime for the milk to go down;avoid laying him down for atleast 15-20 mins and in the meantime he should burp. You may rub some vicks on those little feet and put socks on at night and during his nap times. This has helped both my children when they were babies. But please make sure you do not rub vicks on his chest or back, but only under his feet. If you see mucous with his vomit, then it is a good sign I would say as the cough is being expelled with his vomit. This will help in reducing the irritation in his throat. Also, try and keep a pillow under his head when he sleeps. This will help with congestion. Hope your little one feels better soon.

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